October 11, 2012


This is my first "Link Up" and I am so excited!!! I recently started following Jenn at Perfectly Imperfect and thought this would be a great first link up!!! 

current book(s):  school books =( I have no extra time to read lately. As soon as December comes I will be reading my little but off!!!!! 
current playlist:  the last two days I have been obsessing with anything country, listening to it constantly while I am at home or in the car.
current color(s):  anything fall!!! (mustard, purple, hunter green, red) 
current food/drink:  my cup of coffee and half of a bagel (YUMMM)
current favorite show(s):  X Factor, Long Island Medium, Jersey Shore (sadly), Modern Family, and 2 Broke Girls.
current needs:  anything for the house, colored skinnies, chambray top, and a new winter coat
current banes of my existence:  LESSON PLANS!!! 
current celebrity crush:  Channing Tatum. (idk why but I find him so cute)
current #1 blessing:  my husband. He is the most amazing guy ever and I am so blessed to call him my husband!!
current indulgence: halloween candy!!
current outfit: pj's!! (laying in bed drinking my coffee and writing this)
current excitement:  James and I are going to our first LSU game this weekend!!!
current mood:  burnt out with school work and still so much left to do!! (is it December yet?) 
current favorite quote or verse:  Don't Compare Your Beginning to Someone Else's Middle -Jon Acuff
Really need to keep telling myself this. I sometimes find myself so envious of others and then realize they are 5-10 years older than me and are in a different place in life.
 current wish list item:  This iPhone case! So Cute!!!----------------->
current favorite product(s):  fall nail polish!! (any brand any color LOVE them all)


  1. Love this! So glad y'all are getting to go to a game!! Some of my best memories are in that stadium. :) Y'all definitely gotta watch the band come over the hill by the Indian mounds--get there early to get a good view. Forget trying to get in the stadium early and get to your seats--watching the band and team go into the stadium is THE BEST--I just got chills while writing it, haha! Da-da-da-dum! Have fun!!!!

    1. hahaha okay! We were invited by some friends and will be with them but I will def request that! Sounds great!!!

  2. I couldn't live my life without country music! Go to your local TJMaxx, they have some great inexpensive chambray tops right now. I was just there yesterday, shhhh!
    And because of you I spent forever looking at those phone cases!

    THanks for linking up!!

    1. girl the people that work at TJMaxx know me I am there so much!!! I just am a penny pincher and $20-25 on a shirt is a lot for me!!! I am the "I got this shirt for $5" kind of girl!! lol
      I am moving our blog over to a new redone blog and would love for you to follow me!!! I am pretty new to the blogging world and I am trying to get followers!!!

  3. I caught a Long Island medium marathon a few weeks back & now I am obsessed! My husband thinks I'm crazy, of course so I tell him that when he dies (he swears he's "going" before me) I'm gonna find her & make her give me a reading & he will have to eat his words!

    1. OMG my husband says the exact same thing!!! I just love her so much!!! I cry every time! thanks for checking out my blog!!

  4. Stopping by from the linkup! Great list....ESPECIALLY the Channing Tatum part. He's mine as well!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And yes he is sooo cute!!!!! LOVE IT!!!